photographer Miroslav Hlavko took this photo of two tiny dormice snuggling up together while clutching onto a dried reed after their nest was destroyed by loggers

Probably one of the few, but so glad they didn’t touch hands.

I’m Stephen Colbert and I’m Seth Meyers. 
Um, Stephen? I’m Seth Meyers.
That’s right. And we’re both proud Northwestern alumni.
Go, fightin’ wildcats!



factoseintolerance said:
Once John Oliver did something called The Story Pirates and it involved dressing like a cross between a cop, an astronaut, and a cowboy.

He looks like a stripper here to me.

And I’m totally more than okay with that.

They’re gonna keep having PR issues, because what they really need to do is fix the issues within the police department.

Stephen Colbert Hipster Glasses Appreciation Post

Stephen + Open Jacket and Ties

Helena being the World’s Cutest Arsonist 

Finally got to watch Season 2… WTH?!

Lego John enjoying the best parts of fall: crunchy leaves, fresh apples, and tasty cider.

elithewho said:
super-important GIF making right here

Northwestern University Commercial Starring Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers

Ehehehehe… LOVE this.

young correspondent Colbert appreciation post

Delayed gratification my A$$.